Trade compute, save money

Buy on-demand compute at reserved instance prices
Sell unused reserved instances to free up cash
Deploy containers on our metacloud
Our compute futures let you pay reserved instance prices for on-demand compute with none of the reserved instance commitment
Tell us what you need

Connect your cloud accounts to LevelCompute and show us what your current machine inventory looks like. Our tools will estimate how many futures you need to run your workload, and allow you to tweak that estimate.

Tell us how long you need it

Book compute for as many months as you need. Don't worry about buying too much: you can always sell unused months back to the market

Schedule your purchases

Fund your account and schedule your purchase. Compute will become available in the form of ASUs when your future settles

Deploy your containers

Use our hosted Kubernetes service to run application on your newly purchased compute.

Make unwanted reserved instances work for you by selling them to other market participants.
Tell us what you have

Connect your cloud accounts to LevelCompute and show us the instances you want to sell.

Join the MetaCloud

Install our machine image and join the LevelCompute virtual cloud. Once we have confirmed that your machine is online and suitable for sale, you can participate in our market.

Place your sell order

We'll handle everything after your future settles: you don't have to worry about facilitating buyer workloads on your newly sold instance. Cash will be deposited in your account within two days of settlement.

Use familiar container tools to deploy your applications
View your compute inventory with ease
contrition~> lcadm compute instances list
PROJECT           ASUs    vCPUs  RAM(GB)
lcdemo            9       9      36
www               1       1      4
Deploy Kubernetes Pods from any container registry
# Start database using Google image
contrition~> lcadm run lcdemo-db --port 5432

# Start application using Amazon image
contrition~> lcadm run lcdemo-app --port 8080

contrition~> lcadm get pods

NAME                       READY   ASUs   STATUS    RESTARTS AGE
lcdemo-db-20180301125421   1/1     1      Running   0        4s
lcdemo-app-20180301125421  1/1     2      Running   0        2s
Use our REST API to automate your deployment process
Develop using the command line, deploy using our powerful REST API. Hook LevelCompute into your build pipeline for continuous containerized deployment.